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Roof-Tuning know also for the new Audi A3 Cabrio:
Shortly after Audi started delivery of the new A3 Cabrio in Germany, Cabrio-Plus supplies a suitable roof module. As usual with comfortable extras like remote control, push-function of the roof button and Vmax increase to 60km/h.

Eos Comfort Module now comes with Adapter:
Going forward, the Eos Comfort Module comes with a T-Adapter to avoid modification of the factory cables. The new T-Adapter connects between the roof interface and the cable from the car, making the installation even easier than before. Also for service reasons - e.g. for the case of a firmware update - the efforts for an installation is significantly reduced. The price is without change, still only 249,-€, now with T-adapter.


It starts raining and your Cabrio stands outside with an open roof? You operate the roof while standing at a traffic light and you can´t start driving as the roof did not finish? You want to get in and drive, but you don´t want to waste time for waiting for opening the roof?
It's hot inside the car and you want to open the roof before you get inside? Holding the roof key takes too much time? You want to leave the cabrio for just a short time but closing and opening the roof takes too much time?

It is so easy. With a Cabrio-Plus comfort module your car gets many extra functions for convenient and comfortable operation of the roof.



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